Who we are


We are EvaSUE: a fellowship of students and graduates who are dedicated to follow and witness Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Our Core Purpose

 Why we exist

The core purpose of EvaSUE is to advance the Kingdom of God by serving students.

  • Domain of our Core Purpose is: ‘Students’!
  • Expression of our Core Purpose is: ‘a transformed society’!
  • Main Task of our Core Purpose is: ‘serving’!


We are committed to the work of: 

    Reaching campus students through the saving message of Jesus Christ, gospel.


    Helping Christian students to be well formed and informed with the word of God and grow into Christ likeness.


    Equipping and alerting students to the global mission work of the church.


    Equipping students with leadership skills and practices so that they reflect Biblical leadership values and become effective leaders in their local churches and every position they are placed to lead.

Our Core Values

What we stand for
  • We believe in the centrality of the Word of God

    We believe in the centrality of the Word of God for Christian living and transformation. We affirm the scriptures as the revelation of the person and will of God, which culminated in the self-revelation of God in history, and in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Christ, the incarnate Word of God, as confessed and anticipated in the scriptures, which is the written word of God, is central and authoritative to our ministry and EvaSUE’s community life

  • We are student-focused.

    EvaSUE is for students and about students; its main and primary business is concerned with serving students with the goal of advancing the kingdom of God. We uphold the centrality serving God by serving students in all that we do.

  • Our fellowship transcends denominational, ethnic and economic differences

    We strongly believe that through our belief in Christ we are called to a fellowship which transcends differences of denomination, economy, language, and ethnicity. This transcendence of differences, however, is without diminishing or overriding particularity. We, as a community, are ready to grapple with the tension of unity as rooted in Christ and particularity as an affirmation of our respective rootedness in space and time, and subsequent cultural, linguistic and relational structures