Robel Chemeda, General Secretary

Robel Chemeda is the General Secretary of EvaSUE. He joined EvaSUE in 2005 as part-time staff while he was a lecturer at BahirDar University. While Robel was in Bahir Dar, he was responsible for the student ministry in Bahir Dar and Gondar University and was successful in devising a batch based system where students  get regular, progressive bible teachings as they grow in Christ from freshman to graduating class.

At the end of 2012, he joined the staff team in Addis Ababa as the head of the Associates’ Ministry Department. During his term of office, he worked on setting a regular quarterly meeting for graduates, linking new graduates with employers, facilitating easy resource mobilization systems, and developing policies to launch volunteer management programs.

Brother Robel Chemeda, previously Head of the Associates’ Ministry Department, became EvaSUE’s General Secretary, succeeding Brother Zelalem Abebe who served EvaSUE from 2006 to the beginning of 2015.

As the new General Secretary, Robel envisions EvaSUE to be a place where students might be formed to be authentic followers of Christ. He also looks forward to an institutionally strong yet agile EvaSUE that can carry on excellent ministry to the upcoming huge population of students.

General Secretary's Corner

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Congratulation Message from General Secretary

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