Historical Background

The Graduates Christian Fellowship is established in 1965. Its main objective was to encourage and support university students in every aspect as well as creating space for fellowship of Christian graduates. Graduates have been serving Christian students’ fellowship with great commitment and zeal even before the formal establishment of EvaSUE and continued to do so afterwards. This involvement, which bore measurable fruit through the years, began to dwindle and die out due to many factors after 1991. It, therefore, necessitated the re-establishment of the graduates/associates fellowship under Associates’ Ministry Department on a national scale in 2005. This effort is still underway and far from over.

Graduates Ministry Program(GMP)

This program is designed to address graduates’ group who have different settings. Its focus is on those graduates’ fellowship established to support their former campus student ministry and to strengthen their fellowship among themselves through discipleship programs.

Volunteers Management Program(VMP)

The volunteers’ management program (VMP) is aiming at facilitating a system which let huge number of volunteers to participate in the student ministry.