This program is designed to address graduates’ group who have different settings. Its focus is on those graduates’ fellowship established to support their former campus student ministry and to strengthen their fellowship among themselves through discipleship programs. Besides to serving the already existing graduates’ fellowship, it supports the establishment of new fellowships. This program also works to address the professional groups based on their needs and area of support. Establishing new professional fellowships is also works that has to be done by graduate ministry program.

Since there are different graduates batch-Old, middle and young graduates, graduates ministry program works in order to serve theses age and batch graded graduates in accord with their interest and maturity level.

In graduates program we do the following:

  • Prepare retreats ,conferences, talk series and seminars for graduates
  • Create Job hunting hub in EvaSUE website
  • Serve existing graduates fellowships and  support the establishment of others
  • Work with established professional fellowships and help the establishment of new ones.


The GMP would develop strategies for addressing the wide spectrum of diverse need of graduates
in different target groups based on their former campuses, ages, interests, and professions.

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    Large Group Meetings

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    Small Group Meetings

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    Close follow up for connecting young graduates with the church

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    Connecting Mentor to Mentee

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    Helping Young Graduates in Job-Hunting

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    Engaging Graduates in the work of EvaSUE (VMP and RMP)


In this category, discipleship materials that develop the cognitive, affective and practical dimensions of believers’ discipleship life will be posted. Materials will embrace biblically and theologically sound teachings that enable students grow in true discipleship of Jesus Christ. Spiritual disciplines, edifying teachings from scriptures, sound Christian life experiences, and other contextual articles and thoughts will be reflected in this category.