Evangelical Students’ and Graduates’ Union of Ethiopia (EvaSUE) is primarily a donor-supported organization that relies on the gifts of donators and our Associates. Working with EvaSUE gives the opportunity to participate in a ministry that is put at a pivotal ministry to shape generations who are going to be  leaders of future church and the nation. Hence, we kindly request you to be with us in shaping the next generation!!

As to donators fund management, EvaSUE is a trustworthy Student ministry anyone can rely on its financial transparency. With limited fund on hand, we have been accomplishing more and will continue to do great things to God.  Integrity towards our donators is in our core value. This includes our full accountability to God who gives us this ministry opportunity and donators who are yoked with us and invest in God’s kingdom. Organizations and individuals fund are always accompanied by an up-to-date financial and work report as needed

Single Time Gift

If you are planning to donate for only once, please contact our Resource Mobilization Program officer.

Recurring Gift

We usually encourage our Associates to donate consistently and regularly by using our new fund raising strategy which uses the “Standing Instruction of the Banks”. The core idea of this strategy is that, once you order a “Standing Instruction” to the bank that you hold an account, you will donate a regular amount of contribution to EvaSUE as long as there are enough funds in the account. Please register [here]. Or contact our RMP officer [here].

  • Awash Bank


  • Berhan International Bank


  • Commercail Bank of Ethiopia


  • Dashen Bank


  • United Bank


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