The harvest is large, but there are few workers to gather it in. Pray to the owner of the harvest that he will send out workers to gather in his harvest

-MAT 9:37-38-


In the area of missions, EvaSUE strives to make sure that Christian students see the need for reaching out the unreached people groups with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The department of Evangelism and Missions develops and promotes programs that help students to evangelize their friends and to be involved in short term missions.  It directs trainings, seminars, and conferences, at annual, regional and student fellowship levels on the contemporary strategies for evangelism and mission.  For the last ten years, EvaSUE has been mobilizing students for evangelism and missions work to reach various parts of the country in educating and sharing life experiences on Holistic ministry. We have seen the lives of many students changed through the gospel of Christ.


It assumes the major philosophy of student ministry that is reaching un-reached campus students through campus Christian students. Campus Evangelism ideal is, for Christian students to be a living and speaking witness of Jesus Christ in their campuses. It mostly employs strategies of friendship and one-to-one evangelism, inter-campus evangelism, film, literature and other conducive ways to reach unbelievers. Training that is helpful to campus evangelism will also be given to students as well.


This program is designed to reach nearby and distant areas to universities and colleges with the gospel of Christ. This mission work is usually organized and carried out during students’ academic break times. Our passions is to show our students, staff, associates and local church youth to the reality needs and urgency of reaching out to people and to integrate our social actions for the transformation of our society.  Our social involvement has evangelistic consequences in that we bear witness to the transforming grace of Jesus Christ. We integrate our programs with different social issues.

  • Challenging and helping local church leaders for raising local missionaries
  • Academic Support \Tutorial Classes for High School Students

The mission work is done in organized manner and in a specific period of time and frequency. Major mission programs are done three times in a year:

  • Summer (national) mission program
  • Break (regional) mission program
  • Global and other mini-missions.

The mission work is done in collaboration with local churches that are found in the mission field areas.

Mission & Evangelism Articles

In this category different writings that emphasize on helping the work of campus evangelism will be posted.  Different training materials with the sole focus of sharpening evangelism techniques, addressing the diverse religious context of unreached campus students, and treating the subject-evangelism through scriptural and theological lenses will be made available. There will also be materials that support mission work efforts outside campus compound. Written materials in this category take the broader social context of society into consideration and help the mission work. The focus could be anthropological, social, religious, economic and theological and ecclesiastical in its nature