Harvest Newsletter Editions

The Harvest is a monthly publication of EvaSUE dedicated to sharing the latest news with our partners.

The Harvest — Special Edition 2024

The Evangelical Students and Graduates Union of Ethiopia (EvaSUE) announces that Eyosyas Tsegaye Ayele has been selected by the EvaSUE Board to become the next General Secretary of the movement. He will start on July 1, 2024, succeeding Robel C. Disasa who has served as General Secretary since 2016.

The Harvest — January 2021

At EvaSUE... we are so excited for the New Year- 2023! We want to see God do great things on college campuses throughout the country that can reach into the nations. We have been busy in January with many activities across regions. One big activity for us was training new staff who will focus on mission mobilization. This project is implemented in partnership with our long-time partner, Horn of Africa Evangelical Mission Engagers (HO-ME).

The Harvest — Special Edition

EvaSUE has experienced many blessings despite all the challenges passed through. We are grateful for the ways God has provided and how He has positioned us to do great things for Him in the new school year! One provision God has given is new staff! EvaSUE has been blessed with 12 new campus staff. Thank you to those of you who have been praying, for this is indeed an answer to prayer. After going through the recruitment process, these new staff took part in the first phase of staff orientation training from December 2 – December 19, 2022.

The Harvest — October 2022

The month of October at EvaSUE was busy. We’ve been readying for the new school year ahead and for students to return back to their campuses. Staff have been meeting to dream together and they have been submitting annual plans for review. It’s time to return. Campuses are opening their doors. It’s time to step up and lead; serve and love; and be faithful witnesses of the kingdom on college and university campuses around the country!

The Harvest — December 2021

War and the displacement of a number of our students and staff overshadowed our ministry. School had already started, so our plans were greatly affected. Universities in the North, Northeast and Northwest EvaSUE Regions stopped functioning because of the war. Students from closed universities stayed at home, hopeless and frustrated. We also had staff who, along with their families, were displaced.

The Harvest — January 2023

The EvaSUE National Leadership Summit (NLS) was held in Bishoftu during the last week of September 2021. Four hundred and fifty student leaders representing the many Christian students' fellowships from the public universities and private colleges from all over the country came to participate. The theme of the summit was “Remnants of the Kingdom” and focused on the values of being consecrated, devoted, and disciplined as Christians. In the morning plenary sessions, speakers gave expositions from the Book of Daniel on the annual theme, “Remnants of the Kingdom.” In the afternoon sessions, 18 seminars on different topics were conducted.

The Harvest — September 2021

We had a graduation program for the second time within the same academic year. The late graduation was necessary because of the COVID- 19 lockdown. Since receiving their degrees, graduates have been given trainings on the topics of professional mission, national responsibility, work ethics, and serving local churches after graduation.